April 19, 2019

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Lake Havasu City,AZ,

Member Since:

Sep 29, 2008



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

21 marathons (2 DNFs)

6 Bostons (2007-2011, 2017)

3 Half Ironmans

2 50 Milers

1 Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim

Marathon PR:

     2:59:00 St. George 2008

     2:58:03 Boston 2010

 1/2 Marathon PR:

     1:25:41  Havasu Half 2009

     1:24:09 Painter's St.George 2010

 Half Ironman PR:

      5:25:02  HITS Havasu 2014

5K PR:

       18:23  LHC Turkey Trot 2014

        18:22  LHC Turkey Trot 2017

50 mile PR:

        7:56:14 Avalon50 2016

Short-Term Running Goals:

Break 3 hours again

Doing it a Boston would be sweet!

It was sweet!

Break 3 hours again, but now as a masters runner. It's been 9 years since my last sub 3. I better do this soon as I'm not getting any younger.



April 27 Mt. Charleston Marathon

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep on running.

Complete a Full Ironman




4 kids



Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 35.00 Month: 165.00 Year: 786.20
BareFoot Lifetime Miles: 26.00
Altra Lone Peaks Lifetime Miles: 343.00
Kinivara 9 Lifetime Miles: 556.00
Nike Pegasus 35 Lifetime Miles: 491.00
Kinivara 9 Blue Lifetime Miles: 109.20
NB 1400v6 Lifetime Miles: 212.00
Hoka Torrent Lifetime Miles: 0.00
NB 1400v6 #2 Lifetime Miles: 44.00
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesCrosstraining milesTotal Miles

I took the kids to the gym tonight while Doone was at mutual and snuck in a 6 mile TM run at 1% incline. I ran the first 4 at an easy 8 min pace then gradually sped up and did mile 5 in 7:15 then mile 6 in 6:30. It felt good to let the legs run a bit. It's been a while. I had a few seconds of foot tightness during the last mile but nothing that lasted and and now my foot feels fine. I didn't wear my orthotics, just used the KT tape. I hope I am closing the door on this miserable injury.

Total run 6 miles 45:45

SpeedStar 2 Miles: 6.00
From DonGardinero on Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 23:35:43 from

Nice job, Rhett!!!! You are still way too fast.

From Rhett on Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 23:46:44 from

Thanks Dale, have a great night.

From Huans32 on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 08:47:33 from

Very nice run bro. Your doing awesome with your recovery. Keep it nice and easy bro with coming back. You are doing awesome. I sure hope to see you at Boston this year. Maybe even ealier if you do the series again. Look at that those last 2 miles. OH YEAH!!!!

From Teena on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:49:45 from


Okay ... every time I see you in the 6s I get nervous!!! BE CAREFUL!!! No rush ... but I know what you mean ... sometimes it just feels good to let it all go!

How does your foot feel today?

From Huans32 on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:55:20 from

LOL its kind of funny how the few of us coming off of injuries are so worried about being so carefull for everyone else. And how when its us we sometimes completely forget it and push the limits every chance we get. Its good to see your feeling better though Rhett. I really am looking forward to our next race together. (Hopefully at Boston):)

From Teena on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 13:03:04 from

What are you talking about Mark!!!???

I KNOW you are NOT talking about me!!!!

:) :) :)

From Teena on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 13:04:20 from

(Although, I do think it does have a lot to do with that we have a ton more confidence in others than we do ourselves. For example, I know that Rhett can come back and reach top speeds with no problem, because he is so fit and talented ... and yet, when it comes to me I know that I need all the help and workouts that I can get.)

From Huans32 on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 14:06:47 from

Oh I wasn't meaning just you. I am sure the 3 of us are all the same way. More so since we are either injuried and coming back or recovering or just recovered. I wouldn't have said as much if I hadn't gotten injuried ealier this year.

From Smooth on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 15:46:58 from

Rhett ~ GREAT NEWS! SO HAPPY you let the legs run a bit and no pain on the foot. Steady does it. There's plenty of time. Sounds like the KT tape is working for ya.

From Rhett on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 15:55:02 from

Mark and Teena, you guys are cracking me up, but I know exactly what you mean. It is easy to say to someone else to take you time, your in great shape, you'll be back to your speedy ole self soon, but it is hard to be patient yourself.

Smooth, yes the KT tape seems to be working so far.

From timp on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 16:43:12 from

great news again - just don't rush it...

From Huans32 on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 16:47:34 from

You are doing great though Rhett. Its great to see you coming back and getting in some running. I am glad that with all the xtraining you have done. Has got you already back up to 6 miles and without much pain. Just come back nice and easy. I took basically 3 months to just get my miles back up for Ogden. And then after Ogden was able to work on speed and tempos. And it has worked well for me. I just wished I would of done alot more Xtraining like you and Teena have done. So I wouldn't have to take so many months to get back.

From Kathie on Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 18:24:44 from

6:30 wow! Teena and Mark crack me up too!

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